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Purge Film/ Soluble Dam

Scion Supply distribute Argweld® Weld Purge Film® a soluble material which makes dams which produce an impenetrable purge barrier but which can easily be washed away when hydrostatically testing the pipe or just by normal wash out. This results in no lost gas during welding.

When Mechanical Purging Devices cannot be retrieved, Argweld® Weld Purge Film® is the perfect solution.


The use of Argweld® Water Soluble Weld Purge Film® and Argweld® Water Soluble Super Adhesive® for manufacture of purging dams is a tried and proven method which gives not only superior results over all other water soluble products, but extremely competitively priced when compared to other water soluble materials.


Argweld® Water Soluble Weld Purge Film® and Argweld® Water Soluble Super Adhesive® dissolve away completely without leaving any fibres to clog up filters or other sensitive parts in a system.

Argweld® Water Soluble Weld Purge Film® is strong in all directions so that it can maintain a good gas barrier throughout the purging process.

When using Argweld® Water Soluble Weld Purge Film® you will find that it is easy to see the weld root clearly.

The Argweld® Water Soluble Weld Purge Film® has been designed and developed as a complete kit, containing all products and accesories needed. Call us now and order yours!

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