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Safety Boots

Safety footwear has the reputation of being awkward to walk and work in and uncomfortable on your feet. Most people wear the cheapest possible safety footwear all day at work and then spend a fortune on stylish shoes to go out in for a few hours. At Scion Supply, we think that well designed, comfortable safety footwear can really make life more pleasant at work. Sure you have to pay for quality, but when yuo consider that you are going to be wearing these shoes all day, isn't it worth the investment? This is why Scion Supply have teamed up with an Italian footwear manufacturer legendary for quality and performace: Diadora, to bring you a range of safety footwear which provides unparalled safety and comfort. Call us today to match the needs of your own demanding work environment to the right Diadora utility product for you and transform your working day.

Basic Black Chukka Boot

Our safety footwear range starts with our basic chukka boot. This four D ring midsole black boot is a huge seller and offers professional safety and comfort at a price unrivalled for value for money.
Avaliable in sizes 4-12

• 4 D-ring boot
• Dual density PU 
• 200 Joule steel toe cap 
• Steel midsole protection
• Shock absorber heel
• Anti-static
• Oil resistant sole
• Slip resistant
• Leather upper
• Conforms to EN ISO 20345:2011 S1P SRC

Top quality high performance Rigger Boot suitable for most heavy duty applications. 
This is a high quality alternative to the Jalatte Jalaska boot which has become so popular.
Typical applications include construction and general industry. 
The over cap makes it perfect for jobs which involve kneeling as the cap prevents the leather from being worn away from the toe of the boot. 
  • Upper – Breathable Full Grain Leather. (Leather 1.8-2.2mm) 
  • Inner Lining – Unlined. 
  • Toe Cap – Steel Toe Cap Resistant to 200J. 
  • Midsole – Stainless Steel Midsole – Min. 1100N. 
  • Sole Unit – Dual Density PU/PU Soling System with Anti-static Properties, Shock Absorption, Heat Resistance to 120°C and SRC rated Slip Resistance. 
  • Footbed – Moisture Wicking, Breathable, and Washable Footbed


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